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Not Making Any Sales? This Could Be Why

Do you have cobwebs on your ‘buy’ buttons?

Are you scratching your head and wondering why more people aren’t lining up around the block to get a piece of your pie?

You know what I mean…

Why aren’t more people buying your products and services?

Something’s not working and this article will help you figure out what that is. Because once you can identify, you can rectify!

1. You’re not asking for the sale OR you’re not making enough offers

Most of us are so afraid of making direct offers and asking for the sale because we don’t want to come across as pushy or gimmicky. You run a business! So that means you have to make offers and push for the sales.

2. You haven’t earned trust

You’ve got no reviews, no testimonials, no portfolio, no demonstrations or no before/after photos. When people hand over their money they want to know somethings works, or the very least that it worked well for someone else.

The first thing I do when I’m about to buy something new is check the product reviews on Amazon? Same thing for when I try out a new restaurant, I’m scrolling through yelp for food pics and feedback.

The same thing applies for your business!

3. We have no idea what you’re selling

During consultations I ask my clients who their target audience is. The average response is “everyone”— which makes sense because you want everyone to buy your product or services.

Whenever this is the case it means my client didn’t find "their people" yet. A niche.

Your niche is a small well defined segment of the population that your product/service is a solution for.

When you double down on what you’re good at, the service/product you provide will be perfectly tailored to your niche.

This is the best way to get your ideal customer so make sure you’re clear about what you’re selling and who you’re selling to.

For example, my ideal customers are women-owned small businesses in Covington that have been in operation for at least 5 years. Is that you?

When you do find your people, your product will resonate and the sales will start to flow in.

4. The price is not right

You may be too expensive or too cheap for your ideal customers.

Pricing was something I struggled with because I didn’t effectively communicate the value of my offer to make it a no brainer. To combat this, I discovered my unique selling points that inspired customers to pay for my services instead of going to my competitors.

If you want to be successful, you need to correctly identify your unique selling points. By knowing and embracing your unique selling points you’ll turn your customers into raving fans.

5. You’re giving too many options

I experienced this firsthand at an ice cream shop called Scoops in downtown Covington.

It caught my eye because of all the insanely delicious flavors I could choose from. There were at least 2o choices in all. The colors were so mesmerizing, I had to go inside to get a sugar-overloaded treat.

But then it happened...

As I viewed all the flavors, I couldn’t decide which one to try. I paced back and forth along the glass display, attempting to taste test every flavor that looked captivating.

So many options!

Next thing you know, other people joined the line and I had to just pick something on the dime.

What happened?

Aren’t options a good thing? In this case, options were overwhelming. Customers are generally less satisfied when there are too many options.


Because of that unsettling nagging feeling we get after making a choice that we could have made a better choice. Check out this amazing TED Talk by Sheena Iyengar: How To Make Choosing Easier to learn more about ‘Overchoice' and its impact on decision making.

By the way, I ended up choosing the coconut flavor, *chef kiss* so delicious!

If the financial success you envision isn’t quite matching up with the reality of your business bank account, it’s time to take inventory. Turn the insights from this article to action.

I know for a fact that YOU can have the profitable, freedom-giving business of your dreams.

I believe in you.

Very best always,

Website Godmother


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