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4 Ways To Make Your Business Website Insanely Effective

Today my smarts are your gain.

I've compiled 4 of our most common questions from clients about websites — and the answers are about to make running yours a heck of a lot easier.

1. "Should I show my rates on my website or not?"

Yes! Show the price! Be up front about what you offer and what you want to get paid.

I've heard people argue in favor of "hiding" the price so they can sell you during a sales call or as a hook to get people on your list, but I've always found that technique usually invites tire kickers. On the flip side, being transparent about pricing has always set the tone for my value.

2. What advice do you give entrepreneurs over and over again?

Simplify, simplify, simplify!

Step away from the crazy fonts and fancy sliders. Following website trends is the quickest way to date your website, so unless you want to update it every year, stick to a clean and simple look.

After 10+ years in the creative industry, I've also noticed that entrepreneurs who spend the most time "fussing with the pretty" are the ones who take the longest to get traction in their business.

I say this with love, but it might be time to ask yourself: Am I obsessing over the bells + whistles to avoid the harder work?

Obviously I love web design and believe it's a crucial component of your branding, but as your work evolves, so will your website — it's inevitable. Better to keep things simple and flexible rather than chase perfection. If people land on your site and immediately understand who you are and what you do, you've succeeded. Consider it D-O-N-E and move forward.

3. What do entrepreneurs worry about unnecessarily?

Many think "I can't launch ___________ until I have X blog posts" and this just isn't true.

You really truly don't need a backlog of blog posts when you’re first launching anything. Build your foundation first. Start with the website and come back to the blog later. But make sure you have some sort of offer on your site!

Remember: If you're always biting off more than you can chew, you'll never end up swallowing anything.

4. What’s the quickest way to make our websites instantly more effective?

Whatever you want more of put that front and center. Don't put clients in your portfolio if you don't want to work with them again. Don't show projects you don't want to repeat.

Build your site for the business you want, not necessarily the business you've had.

Websites are a loaded topic.

Unless you're a designer or developer— and sometimes even then — this area of your business can be a source of frustration and fear.

The good news is that simply by reading this post you've already taken a step to educate and empower yourself.

Be kind to yourself and move at your own pace. Stay in your lane and bring your courage, faith and sense of playfulness to this process.

Business may not be your bag of chips. 

If you know anyone who’s busting their buns to grow their business or looking for a web designer in Covington, share this article — they’ll thank you for it! 💌

Always in your corner,

Website Godmother


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