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One of the most well-loved web designers in the Wix Partner Community, Dania is known for creating educational resources for small business owners and designing stunning Wix websites. She has given presentations to Wix employees, been a panelist sharing her knowledge to thousands of Wix users and; she is the creator of the Wix Website Masterclass. Her obsession with the color pink is only matched by her penchant for travel and daredevil adventures... in a nutshell, she squeezes every last drop out of life. Founder of DB Creative Agency and Website Godmother, Dania has been creating websites since 2006 and will have customers clicking your 'buy' buttons in no time!


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Voyage Magazine

Dania Bernard opens up about her personal journey and how she brought her creative business to life.


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Shoutout Miami

An interview with The Website Godmother, Dania Bernard.