4 Online Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make (And How to Fix Them)

Do you lave a local small business?

If you already have a website, this article will help you make sure your website is helping you get customers.

Learn how to fix four common mistakes that local small businesses make when marketing online.

1. We can't find your location

If you have a local business ex: Yoga Studio, Restaurant, Boutique etc.. Make your location easy to find. A great spot to place your address is in the header section of your website, this way it will appear on every page.

2. No city and state is in the title tag and meta tag of your homepage

Search engines like Google use this information to find exactly where you are so when people go looking for you, they'll be sent to the right place. It may be worthwhile to get a professional web designer to help you with this.

3. No address in the footer section

Not everyone comes to your website through the front door. Sometime people might not actually land on your home page, they might find your website from a blog post or your about page. So it’s good practice to have your address in the footer so it shows up on every page.

4. No Google business listing

My favorite thing about Google tools is that they’re free, including a Google My Business Listing. Making this move will be a game changer for your business! When someone searches on Google for your business (or local businesses like yours) your information will pop up.

If you’ve got tips or resources to help local business market better online, add them in the comments below.

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With so much love!

Dania Bernard